Campground Rules

Snow Lake is a family friendly campground in Mid-Michigan.


1. SPEED LIMIT-5 MPH Strictly Enforced-Children at Play.

2. One camping unit per campsite ONLY!! No more than 8 people are allowed per campsite. 2 car maximum limit per site and the vehicles MUST be parked on your campsite.

3. Quiet Hours 11PM to 8AM. Disregard of quiet hours may result in ejection from the park. All children must remain at their site. No noise should be heard by your neighbors at anytime day or night.

4. PETS must be tethered so that they cannot go beyond your sited boundries and must be on a leash when walking. You must clean up after your pet. A fine of $25.00 if we clean up after your pet. No Pit Bulls or Rottweilers allowed.

5. Open alcoholic beverages may not be possessed or consumed in any public area. Such use must be confined to your campsite.

6. Fires must be confined to fire rings provided. Do not move fire rings.

7. Fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices stictly prohibited.

8. Parking on any site other than the one assigned is not permitted and violators will be towed at their risk and expense.

9. Your site is your responsibility-trash and debris are not permitted. Dumpsters are located by the entrance drive for your convenience.

10. SWIMMING POOL – NO lifeguard is on duty. Swim at your own risk. Children must be accompanied by parent or responsible assignee. Swim bracelets are verification of registration and must be worn in the pools.

11. Restrooms are open 24 hours. Laundry Rooms open 8AM to 10PM.

12. All trees are Kampground fixtures. Compensation will be required for damage or destruction of any trees, shrubs, flowers etc. No clotheslines ropes are to be attached to any trees.

13. Any theft, damage or defacing of Kampground property will result in criminal prosecution.

14. No electric scooters, pocket rockets, golf carts etc. All golf carts for seasonals must be registered, numbered & insured. You must be 21 to drive any non licensed vehicle.

15. Playground closes at 9:30 or at dusk whichever comes first.

16. Check in time 2PM-Check out time 12PM.

17. RV’s must be newer than 20 years to be seasonal. RVs 20 years old may not be sold on site.

18. You must be 21 or be accompanied by a parent to camp.

19. Spa & Fitness Center & Sauna limited to age 21 or older.

20. Bikes to be put up at DUSK.

21. Use of marijuana, for any purpose, is strictly prohibited.